Quality. Simple as that

We have looked away form industry standards, and cut away the high margin. We focus on giving you the quality you didn't think were possible at these prices.

Our story begins with a thought... 

A thought about craftsmanship and quality. A question evolved around the loss of appreciation for well built, good quality products. When did we start to focus on quantity over quality. When did "fast food" products become our go to products? 

Our bet is that we never stop appreciating quality, because good quality makes us feel good. From the moment you pick up a well built product, you feel it. There is just something about it. Maybe it's the weight, the ruggedness or the overall experience you get from receiving the product, to using it.

We believe that everyone still has a love for a well built, good looking high quality product. In fact, we have never met or heard about anyone not liking this. But often a product like this has a pricetag that seems inaccessible.

We want quality and craftsmanship to be accessible. Simple as that.