We care for jewelry

Our jewelry is meant to be worn as an everyday staple! Because of this, we have created a guide to make your jewelry last longer.

All of our jewelry is made of 925 silver and +20ct. gold. These metals are very soft, and because of this the jewelry will get some scratches and dents. Look at the dents as marks of history. It is like scars on our bodies which tell a story about us.

Because of reactions with oxygen and the acidity of our skin, precious metals will tarnish over time. To prevent unnecessary tarnish we recommend to take off the jewelry 

before any heavy activity and contact with chlorinated water.

If you need to freshen up the jewelry, we recommend using a specially designed chamois cloth  with a small amount of a mild jewelry cleaning product, or you can place a small amount of clay on the cloth, wherafter you thoroughly wipe dry.

If you are owning a piece of jewelry that is coated with black rhodium,  this will eventually wear off, letting the beautiful silver color come through.