The Signet Ring

The signet ring is a true classic

It is a type of ring you can spot from a mile away, a ring that is very versatile and goes well with almost every outfit you have in your closet. A well crafted, good quality signet ring will be well worth the investment and should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe.

3500 BC

It goes without saying that this is a very popular style of ring, and it has been created in various shapes and sizes. The signet ring has been around for a while and was originally used as a way to sign documents. The beginning stages of the signet ring can be traced back as long as 3500 BC, where records show that people of the regions of Mesopotamia used cylindrical seals.

By the time of ancient Egypt, the cylindric seal had evolved into a ring you could wear. At this point in time, the signet ring started to look a lot like the rings we see today.

The Middle Ages

Moving further in time to the Middle Ages, the ring became a symbol of status. Here the signet ring was used to sign all legal documents and letters to show that it was real. Every ring was unique in the seal, often having the family coat of arms engraved. When the owner died the ring was destroyed, this was done to avoid forgery. The rings were at that time often worn on the pinky finger of the nondominant hand. This however changed through time, and depending on your nationality you had different etiquettes.


Nowadays there are only a few people left, who still stamp documents with their signet ring. We have a lot more ways to authenticate documents and legal papers. The signet ring is now used as a fashionable accessory, and a reminder of the tradition, meaning and significance it had. 

We very much like the versatility of the signet ring. It goes very well with a suit worn on a pinky finger. Here your ring is a bit played down, but still shows that you are paying attention to the small details. When you are not all dressed up, but just want to keep things a little more casual, the signet ring is a good way to spice up a plain tee and a pair of jeans.

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