Someone We Admire: Sir Sean Connery

Scottish born Sir. Thomas Sean Connery is one of the most elegant and charming actors to ever hit the big screen. He was the first James Bond to appear on the screen and thereby setting the standards for the Bond we know today. With his style and personality, he has been a part of the thoughts and inspiration behind Ryan Hill. 

When you think about Sean Connery, you think style and class. Always looking his best when he walked out his door, whether it was an evening out, or just a casual Sunday. 

What made Sean Connery the icon of men's style? 

For one, he was always well dressed, both on and off-screen. He took pride in the way he looked and paid attention to all the details. From the length of his beard and the choice of cologne to the way his shirt was tucked down his trousers and his socks were matching the car he was driving. Sean Connery was truly detail-oriented. 

Often the outfits Sean Connery wore didn't scream for attention but were rather underplayed. He knew that a simplistic style often made the biggest impression, and made room for his accessorizing. When the outfit is underplayed, you can make your watch, your jewelry or your car carry the outfit.

Let your accessories carry the outfit you are wearing.

Another thing that made Sean Connery the icon he is today was his looks. He was and still is good looking, and he has been taking care of his looks. His beard was trimmed, his skin was healthy-looking, and he is fit. He took care of his body as much as he took care of his style.


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